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Record Brushes / Cloths

You can't beat our assortment of high-quality, affordable record brushes and record cleaning microfiber cloths. Choose among the economical carbon fiber brush, double-bristle brush, velvet brush, the classic Dishwasher D4 system, or Mobile Fidelity Record Brush. Pick up an extra microfiber cleaning cloth to use when you're shopping the dusty shelves of used record stores.

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Mobile Fidelity Record Brush Replacement Pads
Mobile Fidelity Record Brush Replacement Pads
Our Price: $4.99


These are official replacement pads for Mobile Fidelity's record brush. Each pad is good for around 100-150 records, and this package contains two replacement cleaning pads. more info
Phoenix Record Cleaning Cloth
Phoenix Record Cleaning Cloth
Our Price: $7.95


Our split microfiber cleaning cloths are many times more absorbent than traditional fabrics while being softer and drying faster, making them the superior choice for cleaning and drying records. This cloth measures 16" square for cleaning LP records.
more info
sleeve city carbon fiber record brush
Sleeve City Carbon Fiber Record Brush
Our Price: $10.95


Here at Sleeve City, we clean our records with this carbon-fiber record brush, which removes dirt, dust, and static directly from the grooves with millions of tiny carbon filaments. more info
Double Bristle Record Cleaning Brush
Double Bristle Record Cleaning Brush
Our Price: $13.95


Our deluxe carbon fiber record brush combines two types of carbon cleaning bristles with a center velvet pad for ultimate cleaning performance, gently removing dust, dirt, debris, and static. more info
Goat Hair Record Brush
Sleeve City Goat Hair Record Brush
Our Price: $13.99


NEW! Sleeve City Goat Hair Record Brush does a great more info
Mobile Fidelity Record Brush
Mobile Fidelity Record Brush
Our Price: $16.95


Mobile Fidelity's record cleaning brush features replaceable deep-cleaning pads that sweep away even the most stubborn dust particles with ease. more info
Spin-Clean® MKII Drying Cloths
Spin-Clean® MKIII Drying Cloths
Our Price: $19.99


These soft, absorbent cotton cloths are manufactured for use with Spin-Clean record cleaning systems. more info
Sleeve City Thunderon Conductive Record Brush
Thunderon Conductive Record Brush
Our Price: $27.95


This brush combines the high-tech anti-static fiber Thunderon with soft, fine goat hair for incredible static-discharging power. more info