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Stylus Care and Cleaning

To reduce noise and increase stylus and vinyl record life, be sure to clean your stylus regularly. Choose from our Diskeeper SC-5 Cleaning System, Mobile Fidelity LP-9 Stylus Cleaner so nothing gets in between you and music or the legendary Zerodust which cleans your delicate stylus without using brushes or fluids.

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Diskeeper Stylus Brush
Diskeeperâ„¢ Stylus Brush
Our Price: $7.95


Our Diskeeper Stylus Brush with its soft carbon fiber bristles provides the same cleaning performance as name-brand brushes costing much more. more info
GrooveWasher Stylus Fluid
GrooveWasher SC1 Stylus Fluid
Our Price: $7.95


GrooveWasher Stylus Fluidt more info
Sleeve City Gel Stylus Cleaner
Sleeve City Gel Stylus Cleaner
Our Price: $12.95

Our new gel style Stylus Cleaner will provide a lifetime of stylus cleaning more info
diskeeper sc5 stylus cleaner
Diskeeperâ„¢ SC5 Stylus Cleaner
Our Price: $16.95


Protect and preserve your valuable stylus with our new Diskeeperâ„¢ SC-5 Stylus Cleaner. more info
Antistatic Record Cleaning Arm
Antistatic Record Cleaning Arm
Our Price: $19.95


This cleaning arm can be used with any turntable to clean and discharge your records while they play, improving sonic clarity and protecting your stylus. more info
GrooveWasher Stylus Cleaning Kit
GrooveWasher SC1 Stylus Cleaning Kit
Our Price: $19.95


GrooveWasher Stylus Cleaning Kit more info
Mobile Fidelity LP-9 Stylus Cleaner
Mobile Fidelity LP-9 Stylus Cleaner
Our Price: $24.95


Mobile Fidelity's LP-9 is a simple, easy to use stylus cleaner which will improve your analog playback system.
more info