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Stephen emailed:

Hi 'tmurray', I gotta tell you ... I received my latest order of 'Ultimate Outer Sleeves' this morning, a mere two days after putting in my order. I bought a pack of 50 of these a while back, and decided I liked them so much I've slowly been replacing the sleeves on my entire record collection, 200 or 250 at a time. Almost there. It never fails - I put in an order, pay, and receive your shipment 48 hours later - like clockwork. I applaud your efficiency, and just wanted to give you props for being the most consistent and reliable online entity I've had the pleasure to deal with. I'm serious. :-) Anyways, thanks - I'll be putting my next order in in a couple weeks. 


Victor emailed:

Dear Sleeve City, I am writing to thank you for providing a very valuable service. Not too many places, online or locally, sell a vast quantity of quality DVD cases at a bargain. I've had many DVD cases replaced over the years for different reasons. Fry's Electronics was the place I'd go to purchase my DVD cases, though their quality wasn't the best. And no matter how hard I tried to look for the multi-disc Blu-ray cases (i.e. double and triple holder), I was having no luck at all. Thankfully though, I was referred to by another person through the forum. I now know where to go next time I need more DVD/Blu-ray cases. 

Thanks again, Sleeve City!


Mark writes:

I'm writing to let you know that I received my order yesterday. I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the quality of your products and how quickly I received my order. I will definitely recommend your website to friends and family and will place other orders with you in the future. I'm so pleased to find a company with high quality products, good prices and fast service.

I have bought a lot of different record boxes down through the years and these are by far the best I have seen. I just recently bought 10, now I wished I had bought more!

Thank you for you speedy response.


Mike says:

Received the order 2 days ago OUTSTANDING!!!!
The sleeves and covers and covers are perfect.
Shipping fast, and customer service courteous and efficient.
Thanks for keeping this valuable accessory alive.

From Rick:

Thank you very much for the update. It's always a pleasure to deal with Sleeve City. Best regards.


Chris says:

I just wanted to say that I am very pleased with my order and that you can expect future orders from me.  Thanks again! :)


Manos says:

Thanks for the [order] change, you folks Rock, as usual!!


Rich writes:

So I just got my batch of 500 sleeves I ordered last week...and what can I say...they're awesome. It quickly dawned on my that 500 ain't gonna be enough, so I just ordered another 1000!


From Sonya:

just got my order in 346177.. it was quick for regular shipping, after all.. I appreciate your help and your service and your order.. will be reordering again soon! 


Austin says:

Thank you very much for your courtesy and I do apologize for any inconvenience. It is always a pleasure to do business with you folks.


From Duke:

Thank you for the prompt response and the replacement DVD case. It has been 
a pleasure doing business with Sleeve City.


Rick writes:

Thanks I really appreciate it. I love doing business with you.


From Josh:

Thanks for the quick response and no-hassle.


Emanuel writes:

I received your parcel today!
Congratulations on your efficiency and for the wonderful product that you sent me


Sally adds:

Thanks DeAnna for your great customer service!


From Frances:

Just received the dvd cases thanks so much it's the right one. So I don't need to re-order. 
Anyway your service is very good. I'll recommend to friends who needs those cases.


Justin says:

Thanks Deanna! I appreciate your quick response. You guys are the best internet seller that I've ever dealt with. I appreciate the products and the service. Have a good day


Richard writes:

I will definately let people know about your service and selection.
thanks again for all your help


From Emily:

Thank you very much for your quick response not only to my email but to my issue. You have excellent customer service and it is very much appreciated. Have a great day!