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GrooveWasher Stylus Brush GEM Dandy Energy Absorbing Equipment Feet Clear Norelco Cassette Case (10 Pack) 45 rpm Spindle Inserts (10 Pack)
GrooveWasher Stylus Cleaning Kit These energy-absorbing feet designed by legendary audio equipment maker George Merrill vibrations and other outside forces from disturbing your turntable and record. BACK-ORDERED Give your tapes a professional look with our Norelco-style cassette boxes, the same style used to package new cassettes back in the '70s and '80s. These yellow plastic adapters snap neatly into the center hole of any 7" record to allow them to play on a standard turntable without the need of a turntable spindle adapter.
GEM Dandy Hydraulic Record Cleaning Apparatus 5.0 record sleeve clear GrooveWorks Record Cleaning Kit univenture poly w/adhesive and safety lining cd
The GEM Dandy is a revolution in record cleaner design that makes traditional vacuum machines obsolete and rivals the performance of professional ultrasonic systems for thousands less. BACK-ORDERED UNTIL FEB Our high-end 5-mil outer sleeve is the strongest, toughest outer sleeve you can buy. This super-thick virgin polypropylene sleeve resists scratches, punctures, tears, splits, water, and abrasions without the expense and brittleness of Mylar. Store your Groovewasher products in this beautiful walnut base! These adhesive sleeves stick to almost anything and will keep your discs scratch-free with a soft woven safety lining.
rpm adapter for 45 records Anti-Static Turntable Mat with Strobe Pattern (60 Hz) resealable 3 mil outer lp sleeves pack of 50 Mobile Fidelity Super Deep Record Cleaner (16 oz)
45 rpm Dome Adapter
Our Price: $3.75
NEW! Simplify your 45 rpm listening epxperience with this rubber dome adapter that slides right onto any standard turntable spindle, allowing your turntable to grab and turn 7" records. This mat combines conventional felt with carbon fiber in a proprietary blend to prevent static buildup at the source. 50Hz strobe pattern for locations with 60Hz/110V electricity. BACK-ORDERED UNTIL FEB 2022 Protect your valuable LPs against cigarette smoke, water, animal dander, and other household pollutants with our 3.0 mil Diskeeper resealable outer sleeves made from the same high-strength, ultra-clear polypropylene as the rest of our Diskeeper outer sleeve line Mobile Fidelity Super Deep Cleaner is an extra-powerful cleaning solution for especially dirty records or to remove mold release from a new record.
gatefold dvd holder 10 pack 7 Inch Diskeeper 45 Round Bottom Inner Sleeve (50 Pack) resealable dvd boxed set sleeve Anti-Static Turntable Mat with Strobe Pattern (50 Hz)
Our glossy white gatefold-style DVD holders are both attractive and affordable, made from dirt-resistant 16-pt. paperboard. Don't be forced to choose between keeping the original packaging of your picture disc singles and upgrading to an anti-static HDPE sleeve--now you can have both. These smooth, perfectly fitting round bottom 7" inners will glide easily into picture sleeves without protruding or crumpling. Our premium DVD boxed set wrapper uses polypropylene for the clarity of Mylar without splitting or breaking. This mat combines conventional felt with carbon fiber in a proprietary blend to prevent static buildup at the source. 50Hz strobe pattern for locations with 50Hz/220V electricity.

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