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12 Inch Outer Sleeves

Our record-collecting product engineers were always unhappy with commonly-available outer record sleeves. The simple poly sleeves showed wear, dust and scratches easily and the expensive Mylar sleeves tended to split at the seams. We put our heads together and began a line of Ultimate Outer sleeves, made of crystal clear Polypro. which offers many benefits over both Mylar and polyethylene. Choose from 5.0 or 2.5 mil thickness, in standard, self-seal and boxed-set sizes. Your LPs will thank you!

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ultimate outer boxed set pack of 25
Ultimate Outer Boxed Set (Pack of 25)
Our Price: $9.99


BACK-ORDERED Need a sleeve for boxed sets? Dowels? Slipcases? Our Ultimate Outer boxed set sleeves provide exceptional protection to your boxed sets and oversized records.
more info
ultimate outer 2.5 pack of 50
Ultimate Outer 2.5 (50 Pack)
Our Price: $14.99


Forget cloudy LDPE outer sleeves or expensive, brittle Mylar. Our 2.5 mil Ultimate Outer are as clear as Mylar, but stronger, tougher, and less expensive.

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resealable 3 mil outer lp sleeves pack of 50
Resealable 3 mil Outer LP Sleeves (50 Pack)
Our Price: $21.99


LIMITED STOCK Protect your valuable LPs against cigarette smoke, water, animal dander, and other household pollutants with our 3.0 mil Diskeeper resealable outer sleeves made from the same high-strength, ultra-clear polypropylene as the rest of our Diskeeper outer sleeve line more info
Mobile Fidelity Master Sleeves (50 Pack)
Mobile Fidelity Master Outer Sleeves (50 Pack)
Our Price: $25.95


BACK-ORDERED Mobile Fidelity Master 4.0 mil Polyethylene Outer Sleeves (50 Pack) more info
5.0 record sleeve clear
Ultimate Outer 5.0 (50 Pack)
Our Price: $25.99


BACK-ORDERED UNTIL SEPT. 2022 Our high-end 5-mil outer sleeve is the strongest, toughest outer sleeve you can buy. This super-thick virgin polypropylene sleeve resists scratches, punctures, tears, splits, water, and abrasions without the expense and brittleness of Mylar. more info
Mobile Fidelity Master Sleeves (50 Pack)
Mobile Fidelity Archival Clear Outer Sleeves (50 Pack)
Our Price: $26.95


Mobile Fidelity Archival 4.0 mil Polypropylene Outer Sleeves (50 Pack) more info
3.0 outer record sleeves
Sleeve City Budget 3.0 mil Outer Record Sleeves (100 pack)
Our Price: $26.99


BACK-ORDERED UNTIL JUNE Our new budget outer sleeves are a less expensive alternative to our Diskeeper polypropylene sleeves that substitutes polyethylene for a lower price while maintaining the same impeccable standards of manufacture and quality. more info
5.0 record sleeve clear
Deluxe Oversized Ultimate Outer 5.0 (50 Pack)
Our Price: $26.99


Our deluxe oversized outer sleeve has all the virtues of our standard 5.0 mil Ultimate Outer, simply enlarged to 13" square to accommodate large gatefold LP jackets. This sleeve will swallow even the bulkiest heavyweight gatefold reissues with ease. more info