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Plastic CD / DVD Sleeves

Do you need to hold 2-discs in a safety-lined sleeve for less than 5 cents each? Shop our plastic sleeves for the most affordable disc storage solution anywhere! Our plastic sleeves are so popular we buy by them by the millions and pass our savings on to you.

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univenture double disc pocket 10 pack
Univenture Double Disc Pocket (10 Pack)
Our Price: $4.39


This sleeve combines polypropylene sides with a soft, double-layer woven dividing liner to provide safe, conventient, and economical protection for two CDs.
diskeeper budget polypro cd sleeve with flap
Diskeeper Budget Polypro CD Sleeve with Flap (100 Pack)
Our Price: $4.49


Our budget CD sleeve is made from ultra-clear polypropylene similar to the material used to make our famous outer record sleeves.
resealable mylar single jewel case outer sleeve
Resealable Single Jewel Case Outer Sleeve (100 Pack)
Our Price: $4.95


These perfectly clear Mylar jewel case sleeves will keep your jewel cases looking pristine and perfect for years.
diskeeper simple poly all clear 100 pack
Diskeeper Simple Poly All Clear (100 Pack)
Our Price: $4.99


These 100% virgin polyethylene sleeves are a simple but attractive way to store and protect your optical disc collection.
white diskeeper budget 1-2 disc sleeve
White Diskeeper Budget 1-2 Disc Sleeve (100 Pack)
Our Price: $4.99


An incredible value, this double-pocket sleeve holds 2 discs front and back or insert or booklet in front and disc in back.
diskeeper anti-static cd dvd sleeve mini-lp
Diskeeper Anti-Static Round Bottom CD, DVD Sleeve (100 Pack)
Our Price: $5.99


The CD version of our famous round-bottom record inner sleeves are ideal for Japanese mini-LP jackets and other CD packaging where space is limited and a larger sleeve may not fit.
Vinyl CD, DVD Sleeve with Flap (100 Pack)
Vinyl CD, DVD Sleeve with Flap (100 Pack)
Our Price: $23.99


These thick, heavy 6-mil vinyl CD sleeves are seriously tough but also crystal-clear, and big enough to hold both a disc and a booklet.