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Cassette Cases

Cassettes are back, and Sleeve City offers two high-quality, inexpensive solutions to your cassette storage needs. Our Norelco-style cassette case will make all your old cassette albums look like new, and our slim soft plastic Polybox will allow you to fit more tapes into less space.

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clear cassette polybox
Clear Cassette Polybox (10 Pack)
Our Price: $2.99


These soft HDPE casette cases are economical, space-efficient, and don't break easily like hard plastic cases.
Clear Norelco Cassette Case (10 Pack)
Clear Norelco Cassette Case (10 Pack)
Our Price: $3.95


Give your tapes a professional look with our Norelco-style cassette boxes, the same style used to package new cassettes back in the '70s and '80s.
scanavo card pack
Scanavo Card Pack (10 Pack)
Our Price: $3.99

Present your gift cards, credit cards, loyalty cards, and others with style using this attractive DVD-sized case.