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12 Inch Inner Sleeves

All of our Diskeeper 33 rpm sleeves are die-cut to a precise size to easily accommodate even thick, audiophile LPs. For the absolute best inner record sleeve on the market today, don't miss our Ultimate Audiophile inner sleeve made to the same specifications of the legendary Discwasher sleeve. We also offer a variety of paper sleeves as well as the fabulous Mobile Fidelity inner sleeve.

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acid free heavy paper record sleeves
Acid-Free Heavy Paper Record Sleeves (20 Pack)
Our Price: 8.80


Our archival-quality, acid-free 12 inch record sleeves are manufactured from 28 lb. white paper and are perfect for heavy 78s.
antistatic record sleeves
Diskeeper™ 2.0 Antistatic Record Sleeves (50 Pack)
Our Price: 9.49


Our most popular audiophile inner record sleeve has been made even better and we guarantee you'll love them! Our Diskeeper 2.0 is not only affordable but offers our best combination of quality and cost-effective way to protect your LPs.

diskeeper 1.5 round bottom lp sleeves pack of 50
Diskeeper™ 1.5 Round Bottom LP Sleeve (50 Pack)
Our Price: 9.85


This ultra-sleek round bottom sleeve is die-cut for a perfect fit over any 12 inch record, and is designed to fit inside of paper or cardboard sleeves.
Diskeeperâ„¢ Simple Paper Record Sleeves (50 Pack)
Diskeeper™ Simple Paper Record Sleeves (50 Pack)
Our Price: 10.95


Our popular LP sleeves feature rounded corners and center hole. These are perfect replacements for worn and yellowing inner album sleeves.
diskeeper audiophile inner sleeve pack of 50
Diskeeper™ Double Audiophile Inner Sleeves (25 pack)
Our Price: 13.75


Finally, an audiophile quality record sleeve that holds 2 lps! The Diskeeper™ Double Audiophile Inner Sleeve is the same design as our Diskeeper Audiophile sleeve but has 2 pockets to safely store 2 lps.
diskeeper audiophile inner sleeve
Diskeeper™ Audiophile Inner Sleeves (50 Pack)
Our Price: 19.99


We think our Audiophile Sleeve is the best inner record LP sleeve ever made.
Mobile Fidelity Master Sleeves (50 Pack)
Mobile Fidelity Master Sleeves (50 Pack)
Our Price: 20.95


For the truly discriminating, you'll love the high-quality inner sleeves used by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab for their MoFi Master recordings on LP!
Polylined Paper Record Sleeves (50 Pack)
Polylined Paper Record Sleeves (50 Pack)
Our Price: 25.79


Our poly-lined paper LP sleeves are a long-time customer favorite. These sturdy 33 sleeves are made of bright, white 26 lb. paper and feature a whisper soft lining.
diskeeper ultimate audiophile inner sleeve
Diskeeper™ Ultimate Audiophile Inner Sleeve (50 Pack)
Our Price: 25.99


This version of our Ultimate Audiophile Inner Sleeve takes a well-designed, luxurious sleeve one step further!